10 Stuff you ought to fathom Intel’s new 6th-gen Sky Lake processors


Sky Lake is here, and with it, the expectation of quicker performance and different innovations, from memory to property. Here’s your highlight reel of what is returning with the new chips.

  1. You’ll want a brand new motherboard

Sky lake CPUs use a brand new LGA1151 socket that’s, of course, incompatible with LGA1150 motherboards worn for has well and Broad well. “Why Buckeye State why” you scream? The necessity for DDR4, furthermore as an awfully totally different power delivery style for Sky Lake, just about mandated it.

  1. Your previous cooler can work

If you’ve got a giant investment in an exceedingly liquid cooler or honking-big air coolers, they’ll still work. Intel used equivalent dimensions for the cooler because the LGA1150. This, by the way, hasn’t modified since a minimum of the LGA1156 days.

  1. The chip caters to over lockers

Intel officers same over clocker’s issues were vital to them for this CPU. Many key changes were created that add fine graininess for over clocking over previous chips, and also the elements themselves square measure absolutely unbolted. Early reports say the chips can hit within the 6GHz vary on cryogen, with reports of 5GHz on air “possible.”

Sky Lake ushers in an exceedingly new CPU sticker badge. It’s unfortunate the particular CPU doesn’t seem like this.

  1. The new chipset is well worth the upgrade itself

If you wish to place plenty of hardware on your computer, Intel’s new Z170 may be a large improvement over the rather bandwidth-limited Haswell-Z97 platform. Because of internal style changes and up to twenty PCIe gen-3 lanes, you won’t cut information measure to the GPU simply to run AN M.2 at higher speed.

  1. You’ll want new memory, too

Sky Lake brings DDR4 memory to thought platforms ultimately. 1st introduced with the high-end Haswell-E platform in 2014, Sky lake’s support for DDR4 RAM means that DDR3 is currently formally on the resolution.

  1. It will really work with DDR3, simply not what you’ve got

Interestingly, Intel did embody support for DDR3 within the new memory controller integrated into Sky lake CPUs, however, it’s not standard-voltage DDR3. Instead, it’s DDR3L, a lower-voltage variant of DDR3 that’s not quite common on desktop systems. Most motherboard vendors we tend to spoke with same, DDR3L on a desktop board is unlikely outside of special use cases. Albeit you may notice a DDR3L Sky lake board, your RAM in all probability wouldn’t work with it.

  1. There square measure solely 2 Skylark models for currently

Showing simply however progressively necessary games square measure to Intel, the corporate same its launching Sky lake 1st to gamers and well sooner than thought and mobile users. There square measure 2 quad-core chips right now: The 4GHz Core i7-6700K and also the three.5GHz, Core i5-6600K. The Core i7 is $350, whereas the Core i5 is $243.Skylake can get new packaging, too

  1. Sky lake’s quicker

Intel’s internal comparisons place the top-end Sky lake CPU concerning ten p.c quicker than the Core i7-4790K, twenty p.c quicker than the Core i7-4770K And an astounding thirty p.c quicker than a Core i7-3770K chip. Few can upgrade from fourth generation Haswell CPUs they bought last year, however, a lot of older 3rd-gen Hedera helix Bridge CPUs square measure wanting upset.

  1. Mobile elements come back later

You should think about these 2 chips as a preview of what’s to return for Sky lake. Officially, Intel says a mobile Sky lake CPU is due anytime within the quarter. I’ll in all probability be in time for the looking season, is our guess.

  1. Still several open questions about Sky lake

How many transistors will it have? What will it really seem like on the inside? We tend to oddly don’t grasp, even if reviewers have tested the chip. Intel is saving that news for the Intel Developer Forum later this month.