2016 Toyota Land Cruiser


The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is a gap car aimed at people who in reality intend to take trips over the trails much less traveled. However the fact for streets and highways are that it’s an outsized SUV with a thirst for fuel that matches its large profile.

The Land Cruiser has usually been one for off-street prowess, but it’s advanced right into a luxurious car of kids without ever losing its potential to assignment away from the pavement. In its beyond, the Land Cruiser knew deserts, mountains, and the Serengeti, but it is now better recognized for its trek thru city jungles and soccer fields.

The off-street skills compromise the Land Cruiser’s usefulness as an urban utility car. The guidance’s loose, and the ride may be uneven until it’s fully encumbered with up to 8 passengers. Three of these passengers will have to experience in a small third row, and people seats fold as much as the perimeters of the shipment vicinity, now not into the ground like maximum modern crossovers, due to the fact it really is where the rear axle lives. No matter the compromise, the brand new electronics keep the Land Cruiser happier both on and off the pavement, scheming the way it rattle down and up hills, the manner it traverses all varieties of terrain and retaining the proper stiffness for the hydraulic suspension.

Of course, the Land Cruiser hasn’t lost its ability to move definitely anywhere—if it wishes to—and it’s luxury popularity locations it squarely in a small segment of vehicles that feature because the arch-opponents for green motors like the Toyota Prius. In seems, the Toyota Land Cruiser is not all that distinct from the far cheaper Sequoia or the Land Cruiser’s near-twin, the Lexus LX 570. in contrast to the Land Rover variety Rover, its form is hardly ever iconic, and the base price is enormously excessive, but what other car has stimulated the “Land Crusher” lived and nickname (once more) to inform approximately it?

A 381-horsepower V-8 powers the hulking, frame-on-frame application vehicle thru 4-wheel power with a locking differential that combines with rugged suspension design to provide hardcore off-street capacity. it’s going to both boost up the five, seven-hundred-pound Land Cruiser to dual carriageway speeds and beyond (even though with a prodigious intake of gasoline) and slip and slide over slick rocks far from any motorway in any respect. This year, the five.7 is paired with a new 8-velocity computerized transmission. fairly, gas economy numbers do not climb, but the transmission must keep the engine in its electricity band longer, for this reason taking a pair tenths off the zero-to-60 mph time.

The Land Cruiser additionally adds a collection of lively protection capabilities for 2016, consisting of a forward collision warning gadget with pedestrian safety, lane going away warnings, automated excessive-beam headlights, adaptive cruise manipulate, and blind-spot video display units with rear cross-site visitor’s indicators.

Starting at just a smidge south of $eighty five, 000, the Land Cruiser is not a comfortable icon just like the Land vagrant variety Rover, and it is $forty,000 greater highly-priced than the slightly extra sensible Toyota Sequoia. However, the Land Cruiser is to be had simplest as one very well prepared model with all the functions and no alternatives of being aware. It comes full of 10 airbags, a CD participant, leather-based upholstery, a sunroof, heated the front and rear seats, a rear-seat DVD amusement device, keyless ignition, a rearview camera , a navigation system, parking sensors, Bluetooth, , HD radio, and Toyota’s Entune suite. Entune offers get entry to cell apps for use with its audio device, whether or not it is streaming Pandora audio or on-the-pass facebook updates filed via voice commands.

The Land Cruiser’s EPA scores are thirteen mpg town, 18 dual carriageways, 15 blended. Given its weight, length, age, and off-street competencies, the one’s numbers aren’t sudden.