5 Unbelievable Things Which Amaze You


Reflective Salt Flats

The breathtaking salt flats in Bolivia are the largest salt flats which area is 10,582 square kilometers. Where ground and sky merge together create dreamy art. Its look likes water but actually not. This area covered with salt layers.


Maldives Shimmering Shores of Vaadhoo


The sparkling stars reflect on the sea looks like a magical light on the shore seems to mirror stars in Maldives Vaadhoo Island.

Abraham Lake Frozen Air Bubbles


In Canada Abraham Lake is a rare phenomenon you should actually seen? This is due to methane gas coming up its way making lovely air bubbles as looks like freezes and melts again and again.

Ghost Spiderweb Cocoon Branches Trees in Pakistan

Ghost treest

 Spiderweb cocoon trees truly an act of a number of spiders survival on trees happen after a massive flood was came 2010 in Pakistan Sindh area. Millions of spiders have crawled into trees escaping from flood. The people of Sindh have never seen this before.

Cenote Underground Natural Spring in Mexico


  Some places are really hard to believe in this world. A one of them is underground natural spring known as Cenote exist in Mexico.