Chinese Engineers Unveils Transit Elevated Bus


Almost every country of world facing traffic jams in their major cities. China is the big country have population about 1.33 Billion. China also facing traffic jams especially in dominant cites Shanghai and Beijing. Now solve this problem by Chinese engineers. Chinese engineers unveil a bus to travel on top of vehicles. They used the latest technology for comfort & make Transit Elevated Bus in 19th Beijing International High Tech Expo.

There is no matter how much traffic on roads these bus will go easily towards destination without any traffic resistant. This is an electric-powered elevated bus which is operating high above ground. Bus can travel above vehicles which are two rows. Each bus can carry about 1200 passengers at once. Through this technology Chinese are enabling to boost up their public transport status, comport and reduce the pollution. The demo model not covers trucks and high vehicle only for light vehicles.

This model also lacked safety barriers which should between bus and cars. This transit elevated bus will be test may expect second half of this year. This bus use TEB for moving which is electric powered public transits system who fix top of roof on bus, solar panel. Test may Accor in China Qinhuangdao city.