Diseases and Treatments in Hot Weather


There are many disease comes in summer season. Some are heat strokes, weakness, itching, go forth, It is necessarily you should not come out unnecessary during heat stroke from house specially 12 to 5pm. If you are going out some work keep a cool water bottle with you because water is best in hot weather and protect you from heat stroke. There is a verity of fruits available in summer season. Which protect you from heat wave and gives you relaxing and keep you cool providing minerals and vitamins?



Watermelon is a best food for control your body temperature removes the weakness. It’s a cool fruit having number of benefits. Use watermelon daily twice morning and evening and drink its juice. Note thing is after eating watermelon avoids drink water immediately. Remember in watermelon juice also mix some black salt and some black paper and eat watermelon empty stomach. Keep in mind never use rice with watermelon and melon. Some people may sweaty mostly in summer. They need to use berries and falls.

In hot weather peoples face heavy sweating, muscle cramps, headache etc. Peoples need to rest in shady places or in air-conditioning environment, eat salty snakes, remove excess clothing your Childs or call your doctor for advice.

Heat rash treatment

Heat stroke also effect badly on body surface like rashes and cramps. Its treatment is lay down the effected person on cooler place keep the effected are dry apply prickly heat powder and place cool cloth on head, under arms and on butts. Stay in shade as much as you can and you need to drink more water during hot weather. `