Dubai Open the Worlds Ever First 3D Building Office



HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum was launched a new strategy to open ever Worlds First 3D building office in Dubai.This 21st 3D office builds just in 17 days. Vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE His Highness revealed the First 3D office on Twitter, this future building office very first 3D office in the world. This 3D office constructed using a 3D printer Dimension is 120 feet long, 20 feet height, and 40 feet wide. This office covers 250 square meters space. With futuristic brainstorming sessions good work space and modern environment. According to the Khaleej Times, labour cost reduce cut in half as compare to the usual construction cost.

3d office dubai 2

When launching the 3D printing strategy Sheikh Mohammed said: Our vision for development is driven by a deep understanding of the future needs, and builds on proactive ideas because we want to be in first place worldwide. Our latest steps for development is based on the launch of initiatives that can be applied anywhere in the world and creating a global model for not only out economy but also for the global economy.

Its hoped in 2030, 25% of buildings in Dubai will be built with3D printer 3D printers also used for other things like build house hold items, jeweler, fashion products, food.

(Source: shortlistdubai)