Forget your ATM & Credit Card, Fingerprint Currency is Coming


Deposit from bank account and during purchasing ATM cards have been using for many years. Also ATM card known as plastic card. In near future ATM becomes old way of cash withdraws from your bank account. So you can get cash by finger prints. Except of ATM and credit card you have to put your fingers on specific machine & you link your bank account. In 2020 Japan capital Tokyo hosting Olympic Games. May expectations there are huge numbers of tourist to come enjoy this event. At this event Government decided to introduce this new technology in Airports, Hotels, Public places and merchandizing zones. From help of this technology which name is fingerprint currency peoples escape from taking violet or credit card from their pocket. This facility would be selective if tourist want traditional method for withdraw cash they can do. Fingerprint currency will be established to facilitate air counters at the airport. There will be tourist registration done after this their finger become in ATM & Credit card. They can payout through finger in hotels, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, resorts. Other business centers of tourist interest have been linked to this technology. May expect this technology link business may increase. Through this technology also local citizens can take benefits. Hope so the fingerprint currency uses all over the world at upcoming years.