Mercedes c300


The C300 Coupe exists completely because of its layout. Furthermore, human beings will pick out it now not for what it does however for what it represents. It’s a vehicle that tells the world you’ve got an eye for layout.

Before everything blush, for me, without a doubt making a fashion statement wasn’t at all well worth the $43,000 base rate. An unrelated weekend purchasing ride changed my thoughts, even though. I eventually get the compact -door Benz.

What it is not

Just few minutes into my initial time at the back of the wheel of the C300 Coupe, I slammed the throttle into the mat and played viewers to the tone of the car’s 241-horsepower four-cylinder engine.

in case you’d asked me to intuit what the C300’s engine would possibly sound like before certainly having heard it, based upon its classy outside, I’d have wagered a be aware somewhere among Miles Davis and a panther. You recognize, urbane but also animalistic. Rather, the component changed into decidedly buzz but with a sporty twinge, like a hive of very brawny bees. Admittedly, it’s no longer exactly the enlivening or state-of-the-art tone I had been hoping for.

Although the athletic apian engine can propel the automobile to 60 mph from a standstill in five.9 seconds, be aware without delay knowledgeable me this become no longer an automobile aimed at riding fanatics. Granted, the steering is brief and heavy and the suspension smooth but taut. However, the ones regarded to enhance the auto’s highly developed nature, as opposed to pushing it into the world of sport. You will want the newly created C43 for that.


Putting using-fanatic cell off the listing, I turned to the tech.

On the pinnacle of the wooden-encrusted middle console is Mercedes’ COMAND infotainment system, displayed on a tablet-like display connected to the sprint. It is a polarizing layout, for certain. Whether or not you want the looks or no longer, you need to supply the designer’s kudos for attempting something different. What you cannot nod in support above is the COMAND scheme itself. Customers interface with it through both a touchpad and a scroll wheel mounted simply underneath it. It is a quick device with masses of functionality, but none of its miles intuitive or smooth. It is the antithesis of consumer friendly.

What’s extra, the C300 Coupe would not provide Apple Car Play or Android car (it would get the ones in 18 months or so, Mercedes informed me) nor does it have wireless. Both capabilities are common no longer most effective within the phase however in less expensive financial system vehicles nowadays.

Granted, the C300 does offer tons of semi-self sustaining protection tech called DISTRONIC PLUS with steering assist. I first tested this device on the C300’s bigger, faster brother, the C63 Sedan, remaining year. It is extremely good as an adaptive cruise manage gadget. But, it lacks the sturdy steering assist of Tesla’s Autopilot.

Those matters said, I decided the C300 Coupe wasn’t a vehicle pushing the limits of automobile technology both. So tech automobile, too, becomes eliminated from the document. Including in addition, confusion to my uncertainty of what precisely the C300 Coupe become looking to be, most of the automobiles we drove on the pressure event in Maine have been loaded up with all of the bells and whistles. In fact, maximum had been priced around the $60,000 mark. This, as you would possibly recognize, is a lot of cash for a compact coupe that may not force itself or tear holes on your garments with its straight-line velocity.

Even days after attending the Maine event, I used to be still at a loss at how to encapsulate the C300 Coupe.

“What’s the issue of this vehicle?” I talk softly to myself, as I hemmed and hawed thru infinite drafts of my first power with it. Window purchasing in Beverly Hills with a buddy of mine this weekend, we popped right into a sublime guys’ garb boutique. Aimlessly thumbing thru the racks, I stumbled throughout a dark oxblood red cafe-racer leather-based jacket. It had asymmetrical strains and quilted shoulders — classic but modern-day. It appeared like something Steve McQueen would wear if he has been still alive nowadays.

As a guy who grew up in the decidedly un-flashy and animal-rights-friendly Pacific Northwest, I am now not one for leather-based jackets. So, it is no longer something I might normally be attracted to. in spite of that, it grabbed me. I pulled it off the rack and popped it on.

To my wonder, it fit me like a glove. I looked at the charge tag and I almost fainted. In the face of the fee, I felt clearly hypnotized by using the issue, how it appeared, and the way it made me experience. In it, I felt like I could pass as a member of Ryan Reynolds’ entourage.

Feeling an undeniable draw to shop for it, I texted pics to a slew of my pals, all of whom had unique feel and estimation. To my vexation, all responded in the affirmative, encouraging me to get it. It was then, strolling out of that boutique with a totally costly leather jacket below my arm that I understood the draw of the C300 Coupe.

Like the jacket, the C300 Coupe isn’t always the sportiest or most contemporary. but, both turned heads. And there may be something to be said for that. Normally, a $forty,000-something automobile would not appeal to crowds but the C300 Coupe did. in the coupe, again like within the jacket, I felt not like a celebrity, but rather celebrity adjoining.

Moreover, the C300 Coupe represents a positive factor in your life. It is the form of a vehicle while you reach a degree on your profession or age wherein you can say,”

Yeah, I want this now not simply due to the fact I want a car to get to paintings, however due to the fact I need something that makes me experience top and turns some heads every so often.”