Something coming new Apple iphone 7realesing date, features

new iphone

Apple iphone7 coming with new stylish slim and sleek look and there is no antenna lines exist on it. Yes also time to good bye of camera bump. Apple providing best Smartphone like apple iphone 6s, we hope Apple next Smartphone coming with some new 3D touch technology real beautiful look. In iphone 6 we are hoping and expecting big changes, powerful battery, exciting features, bunch of 3D features actually real taste tech bite.

Iphone7 releasing end of the late 2016 hope so. We collect information from around the web and brings for you when it is expected the new iphone. If you ask when Apple iphone7 revealing may be in September 2016 because it’s possible due Apple reveled its some new iphone in September.

Apple may be changing some exterior design features for iphone 7 like much sleeker removing antennas bands wrap around the bottom and top and making completely flat.

We have searched for you and come to know it’s possible that Apple iphone 7 plus will occupied with 3100mah battery gives the smart phone long lasting battery timing if occur a good news for Apple users. Also Apple improving its iphone 7 Stereo performances, sound bringing in line which shows the apple have a super hardware.
Instead of audio jack 3.5mm Apple iphone 7 come with headphones which connect via its lightning port. If this rumores are true that apple is removing its trusty old 3.5mm jack from the iphone 7. Simple you can say the new Apple iphone 6 may completely

Apple is care about high resolution using own retina as much sharp as your eyes providing better pixels as previous models. It expected that iphone 7 will come with 32, 64, 128 storage options let’s see hope so & edge to edge screen possibility with no curve display.

If Apple comes without 3.5mm audio jack than buyers worried they have to spend extra cash for their hi-fi headphones. So it’s may huge amount of electronic wastage which may difficult to recycle. Does Apple rebuild its planning about iphone standard jack along completely wireless.

There are huge amount of internet search how to drain out iphone which gone wet. It’s a big thing for iphone users which spend hundreds pounds and important data. This indeed and users demand from Apple new iphone 7 come with water proof and have some mechanism to pumping water is a ketchup feature.