Super Top 5 Computer Gadgets You Must Have


Macbook USB C Hub

usb c hub1

USB type-c hub awesome gadget for macbook make things awkward. This c type hub with coming a whole lot easier. Its second name is Minix Neo C. Minix a Hong Kong based manufacturer company introduced Neo C usb hub for Apple Macbooks. C Hub can handle everything you want for personal computers consist of 2 USB ports 3.0, slots for micros SD & SD cards, Gigabyte Network Card Port also for your choice you want VGA or HDMI output. The good thing is you can charge your computer while you are using this USB C-Type Hub.

Sliden’Joy Triple Screen for Your Laptop


Sliden’Joy come up for your perfect display solution dual or triple-screen works with your laptop where you are portable where you want. It is invaluable for those who attend many meeting in a week feel freedom to present everything make easier this gadget. Users can use multiple screens for their multitasks like programmers, video editors, graphic designers, Cad engineers, researchers can take benefits from this multiple screen gadgets.

Odin Worlds First Projection Mouse


Odin gives you a latest experience with computer mouse. Pioneer in laser projection mouse redefines daily user work for gaming designing work daily tasks make easy navigation. This is a necessary gadget for your personal computer and laptop.

Zscan Wireless Scanner Mouse



Zscan wireless scan mouse increase your productivity and save your time. Through this gadget you can scan your documents and everything with swipe also can edit documents in word, excel straight away. A very cool thing related this product your scanned information becomes searchable also find their meanings so you can say it eco friendly tool. You can backup copies with this too. Scan your favorite clothing outfits on magazines and share it on social media with single click.

Leap Motion for Mac and Pc


Leap motion controller brings with its unique user experience. You can control computer with waving your fingers & fists. It can control up to 10 fingers a time with wireless connection, limited selection of useful apps.