Worst Passwords of 2016


Password is a major thing in Internet. Users of Internet use the passwords for login their social media, email accounts and many other purposes while using internet. Security Company SplashData announce bad passwords list every year. As always password pin number 123456 and pin password which is worst ever. According to the company CEO Mogan Slain peoples use mostly such passwords which are easy to remember and easy to type no matter what how they are unsafe. But you should never use these kinds of passwords. Safe password not difficult to use as peoples may think. There are many websites also offering safe password suggestions for users. Internet users also can make safe passwords with help of these sites. If then they think difficult then put your metric roll numbers, serial numbers and use them with combination of +=@#$ etc signs. These passwords are many betters as compare to use the worst passwords which are unsafe and easy to hack. Here is the list below you can see the unsafe passwords of 2016.